7 Smart Home Products Everyone Should Have

Want to make your home more connected with smart home products? You need to have the following products to feel like you're living in the future. Smart Speaks A good smart home starts with having smart speakers throughout your home. You'll need a few so that you can spread them out in your home, since they allow you to perform tasks with voice commands. You can ask the digital assistant to operate other smart home products and perform specific tasks.

IP Address Audits: How To Ensure Your IP Address Is The Park Avenue Of The Internet

Global internet registries have finally run out of IPV4 addresses. Since the 4.3 billion IPV4 addresses in use are optimized for the internet and still route 94 percent of internet traffic, their demand and value are rising. At ARIN auctions, IPV4 addresses have hit record highs above $20 per address.  IP address fraud is also rising. Thorough due diligence and regular audits of your IP addresses can protect your IP and business domain reputation.