Surround Sound Installation: Seamless Interfacing And Thematic Touches

If you're looking to upgrade your entertainment experience at home, a few additions provide more value than a quality surround sound system.

Here are some surround sound installation tips for more seamless interfacing and accents to help match your home's thematic style.

Making it Seamless

The best technologies should be easy to use and seamlessly integrated into our lives. Surround sound installation technicians can make your system blend into your home, while also providing compatibility with your existing entertainment options.

Heard, not Seen

Surround sound installation professionals can make your new sound system heard, but not seen. Surround sound installation should begin with a plan to make your system fit into your home without being an eyesore. Most surround sound installation pros will start by taking stock of the room(s) where the system will be used. For living rooms, this will include triangulating the position of the surround sound system with your television/projector, and the most common viewing spots (couches, chairs, etc.). Once they have a general idea of how the system will be used, they can install speakers throughout the room to provide a truly panoramic sound experience. This might mean installing speakers in the floor, ceiling, and/or other built-in features. The goal of the surround sound installation process should be creating a 360-sound experience to enhance your home entertainment experience.


The best surround sound installation should also include compatibility integration. This means making sure that your new surround sound system connects with your home WIFI system and other SMART devices. Because most homeowners are now streaming entertainment on a variety of devices, your surround sound installation professionals can set up your system for maximum connectivity. This can enable you to enjoy a theater-quality sound experience even when you're streaming your favorite show on your phone or tablet. Surround sound installation professionals can also help you avoid the dread problem of having too many remotes that can control your entertainment systems. In most cases, surround sound installation professionals can design a simple control interface that can be accessed on most Bluetooth-enabled devices.

Thematic Accents

The best surround sound installation professionals are often skilled in technology and carpentry. This means they add finishing touches to match your surround sound system to your home. From color schemes to other finishing options, be sure to discuss with your surround sound installation professionals like Modern Smart Homes how you want your system to look when it's finished. Spending extra time on these details can also help you get a better return on your investment.