What To Do During A Video Deposition

Are you set to give a video deposition for the discovery process of an upcoming court case? If so, you may not be sure what to do. These tips will help ensure that you give the right types of answers and the whole process goes smoothly.

Give Short And Concise Answers When Possible

The main thing to remember is that you should always give short and answer whenever it is possible to do so. This can mean answering simple questions by just saying yes or no, rather than go into details that were not asked and are not completely relevant to the question. In addition, know that you can say that you do not recall the answer to the question if you honestly don't know the answer. There is no need to go into an explanation about why you cannot recall either. Just know that stating that you cannot recall is sufficient. 

Ask For A Break If Necessary

If you are feeling a bit stressed during the deposition process, know that you can always ask for a short break from answering questions. While it is appropriate to finish answering any question that is asked, it is fine to take a moment and give yourself a bit of a breather during the deposition process. This can also give you an opportunity to talk to your lawyer in private based on how questioning has been going so far.

Wait For The Question To Be Completely Asked

A common problem that people do not realize that they are doing is not waiting for a question to be completely asked before they start answering it. This is a natural thing that people do, where they hear the first part of the question and fill in the rest as they start answering prematurely. Unfortunately, it means that you may not fully understand the question that is being asked. Take a pause, sit on the question for a moment so you can think about it, and then give your answer. You can take the time you need to formulate your answer so that you do not make mistakes. In addition, pausing after the question gives your lawyer a chance to object to the question being asked of you. If you start answering the question prematurely, you may say something before an objection is made.

Reach out to your lawyer for more tips on what to do during a lawyer video deposition