7 Smart Home Products Everyone Should Have

Want to make your home more connected with smart home products? You need to have the following products to feel like you're living in the future.

Smart Speaks

A good smart home starts with having smart speakers throughout your home. You'll need a few so that you can spread them out in your home, since they allow you to perform tasks with voice commands. You can ask the digital assistant to operate other smart home products and perform specific tasks. In addition, it's nice to have streaming music throughout your home.

Smart Locks

Smart locks are going to provide peace of mind and improve security. Lock the doors with a voice command, or let people in remotely without giving them a key. You can even track who comes into your home and at what times.

Smart Wall Outlet Switches

A smart switch allows you to control any light or gadget that is plugged into it. While the most common way to use a smart wall outlet switch is to turn a light on and off with your voice, you can also use it to turn other tech gadgets on and off if they have a physical switch on them. At the very least, you can cut off power to gadgets to turn them off remotely. 

Smart Light Switches

While a wall outlet switch will work fine for lamps, you'll need light switches for those overhead lights that are connected to a traditional switch. Upgrade to a smart dimmer, and you can even control the brightness of the light with your voice. 

Smart Thermostat

One of the first smart home devices that people put in their homes is a smart thermostat. They tend to learn your schedule and adjust the temperature to lower it while you're away. If you don't use that feature, controlling the temperature from your mobile app or with your voice makes this device stand out.

Smart Garage Door Opener

Why install a smart garage door opener? You can do things like have the garage door open and close automatically based on your proximity to your home, or close the door remotely if you forgot to do it when you left the house. It gives peace of mind that things are secure back at home.

Smart Vacuum

You can purchase a vacuum that cleans the floors so that you do not have to. Smart vacuums will do all the sweeping and then place themselves on a dock when they are finished. The most you'll need to do is clean the dirt container so it can go again.

If you're wanting to invest in some smart home products for your home, don't hesitate to talk to a local tech expert today.