IP Address Audits: How To Ensure Your IP Address Is The Park Avenue Of The Internet

Global internet registries have finally run out of IPV4 addresses. Since the 4.3 billion IPV4 addresses in use are optimized for the internet and still route 94 percent of internet traffic, their demand and value are rising. At ARIN auctions, IPV4 addresses have hit record highs above $20 per address

IP address fraud is also rising. Thorough due diligence and regular audits of your IP addresses can protect your IP and business domain reputation. 

Location, Location, Location 

A main advantage of buying your own IP addresses is the ability to control the reputation of those addresses. Even with a steady rise in ARIN auction prices, businesses that go to the time and expense of obtaining and controlling their own IP addresses receive a high return on their investment. 

Since many routers, switches, and gateways do not yet recognize IPV6, IPV4 addresses at ARIN auctions are in high demand.  Nonetheless, buyers should do their due diligence, An IP address at auction may have a history and reputation, and a bad IP reputation could follow you. 

IP Address Audits

To prevent other web addresses from  discriminating against you, check for:

Spamming history — If large streams of email have originated from an IP address, it could be identified as a spammer, or spam filters may incorrectly flag your IP address. 

Malware — If the IP address has been hit by malware or botnets, you may not in fact be the one in control of the address. You may not be aware of the malicious code until the FBI comes knocking on your door requesting you clean up the addresses. But by then, clients will have blocked your IP addresses.

Geolocation tracks — Geoblocking is collecting more intelligence on IP addresses to decide whether to block some or all content, route-specific content, or raise prices. IP addresses flagged as anonymizers will also be subjected to discriminatory screening. 

IPV6 Audits 

Regular audits of your IP addresses will ensure they are registered, confirmed with third party sites, updated, and malware-free. Audits will become even more valuable in an IPV6 world. Whereas IPV4 has 256 addresses, IPV6 has the potential to expand to 18 quintillion individual addresses. 

A longer, more detailed IP Address makes it harder to cover your tracks. The address provides the network address and host address, equivalent to your street address and house number, and a unique address for each device. This means your IP reputation can follow you to your virtual business door.