3 Great Reasons To Upgrade Your Aging Pipe Inspection Camera To A Modern One With Video Recording Capabilities

Pipe inspection cameras can be a considerable investment for a plumbing contractor, and this has led many of them to delay upgrading. However, modern pipe inspection cameras offer numerous benefits to plumbers that allow them to recoup the cost — one of these features that can boost revenue is the ability to record digital video. Video recordings can make it more likely for clients to agree to repairs, reduce training time and protect you from clients to refuse to pay you for services. Read on for more information about three great reasons to upgrade your current pipe camera to one that has video recording capabilities.

1. Allows Clients to Visually See the Damaged Pipe, Making Them More Likely to Agree to Repairs

Without a recording, clients are forced to take you at your word regarding the condition of their pipes. It can be difficult to explain to clients how severe a problem such as tree roots in the main sewer line can be, and your clients may be reticent to pay money for relining or replacement.

When you purchase a pipe inspection camera with a video recording feature, however, you'll be able to show clients the condition of their pipes. Having a visual representation of pipe damage or obstructions helps your clients become more informed about the severity of the situation. It's more difficult for clients to ignore video evidence. In many cases, a video recording of your pipe inspection can make clients more likely to agree to necessary repairs — this helps bring more revenue to your plumbing business.

2. Protects You From Unscrupulous Clients Who Refuse to Pay for Repairs

While rare, some clients may refuse to pay you after you perform plumbing services for them. Having video evidence of both the plumbing problem and the fix that you made will help protect you.

For this purpose, it's best to purchase a pipe inspection camera that has a timestamp feature. The operator of the pipe camera simply hits a button on the monitor to add the current date and time to the recorded video. Record videos of both the inspection prior to making repairs and then record another video showing the repaired condition of the pipe afterwards, and ensure that both are timestamped. This gives you solid video evidence against unscrupulous clients who may try to claim that you've made no repairs at all.

3. Makes Training Apprentice Plumbers Easier and Faster

Pipe inspection cameras with a voice-over feature allow the operator to speak into a microphone while performing an inspection in order to create a narrated audio track. While this is a very useful feature to help explain to clients about the problems within their pipes, it's also a very useful feature for training. Apprentices can watch recorded videos of pipe camera inspections that are narrated by veteran plumbers, which helps them learn to spot potential problems in pipes and what needs to be done in order to fix them.

As you can see, there are several benefits of purchasing a pipe inspection camera with video recording capabilities. Pipe cameras offer many formats for recording — some can burn video directly to DVD while others record digital video on SD cards or USB hard drives. If you're ready to upgrade, contact a vendor who sells pipe inspection cameras for plumbers and ask about which models have video recording capabilities.