Four Ways Investing In Trucking Software Will Improve Your Small Business's Bottom Line

If you run a small trucking business, you may want to consider investing in some trucking software. You may feel that your business is not large enough to warrant investing in software; however, even if you have a small fleet, trucking software can still help you improve your bottom line and the overall flow of your business. Here are a few different ways that comprehensive trucking software could assist with your company's growth.

#1 Identify Which Trucks Are Available

One of the most basic and useful ways that trucking software can help you out is by identify which trucks in your fleet are available to use at a particular moment in time. You can keep track of when trucks get shipments and when they will be out on the road. This is useful for a variety of reasons. For example, if you get a call to take on a new job, you can easily check and see if you have the trucks available on that day to take on the job. Or if a driver suddenly calls in sick, you can quickly identify which truck could take on their load instead.

#2 Keep Track Of Trucks On The Move

Next, with trucking software, you could keep track of trucks that are on the move. You can equip your trucks with GPS trackers that the software would then keep track of. This would allow you in real time to see where your trucks are on their routes.

This has a couple of different advantages. To start with, by tracking your trucks' progress, you can provide clients with a more accurate time of arrival estimate. Second, if you need something extra picked up, you can see where trucks are and what they have on them so you can divert a truck for a new job. Third, you can also let your drivers know if you were just notified of a traffic delay, road block, or accident that is on their path so that they can re-route around it; in the trucking business, it is all about the efficiency of your routes out on the road.

#3 Have A Messaging System

This was touched on a little in the above point, but may trucking software applications come with a messaging feature. This messaging features allows you to send text messages or audio messages, depending on your set-up, to your drivers out in the field. It also allows you to keep a history of the message that you sent to your drivers. By using one central piece of software to communicate with your drivers, you will hopefully be able to keep all your communication more centralized and keep better track of when and how you communicate with your drivers, as well as how you can improve it.

#4 Accounting Abilities

Many trucking software programs also come with the ability to track your accounting integrated into the system. The software will allow you to put in invoices, keep track of who has paid you and keep track of all of your expenses and your overall profit. A really robust system will allow you to keep track of employee payroll as well.

If you own a small trucking business, a trucking software program can really help you streamline your business and integrate all your computer needs into one program, increasing your overall bottom line over time.